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Monthly Archives: February 2011

Canada Winter Games: The Stanfields & Old Man Luedecke

Last nights (feb 23rd) concert featured The Stanfields & Old Man Luedecke.
Despite the bitter coldness both acts were quite good and the crowed was very energetic.

Be sure that you check these guys out.

The Stanfields
Old Man Luedecke

The Stanfields

Old Man Luedecke

Canada Winter Games:Christina Martin & Matt Mays

Christina Martin & Matt Mays played at the Canada Winter Games here in Halifax.

The turn out was fantastic.  

Take a second and check these two very talented artists out.

Christina Martin – Official Website

Matt Mays – Official Website

Christina Martin – Live from the Canada Winter Games

Matt Mays

Cursed Arrows

Cursed Arrows

Hard Rock/Post-Grunge


Cursed Arrows – From Southern Ontario to Halifax,NS. Cursed Arrows are now releasing the first collection of music while in Nova Scotia. Death Rattle Blues the single  is chalk full of catchy licks and powerful drumming. Simply haunting tune.  This is a must not miss husband/wife duo. Be sure to check out their full length album which was recorded with Noyes records titled ‘Telpathic High Five.’

Stay tuned for “The Madness of Crowds” the bands third full album set to be released April 5th, 2011.

Don’t miss out on Cursed Arrows.

CBC Radio 3 – Cursed Arrows

Official Website

5 Minutes with Young River


Y o u n g R i v e r – Interviewed.

The Daily Consciousness: You guys opened for The Novaks at the Seahorse, how did that come about?

Played a showcase at in Yarmouth for Nova Scotia Music Week at around 3am. Apparently we turned the head of the promoter for the Seahorse. The phone rang a few days later. We got a few dates at the Seahorse, one of them being the show with the Novaks. It ended up being one of the best shows we’ve played to date.

The Daily Consciousness: Your full length album is currently in the process of being finalized we’re curious if you have titled it yet?

A lot of names were placed on the table, but I think we are going to just keep it simple have the first album be self titled.

The Daily Consciousness: Who influences Young River?
Bry Webb, Malcolm Young, Phil Lynott and Levon Helms would the weirdest/best band ever.

The Daily Consciousness: Whats your personal favorite young river song?
Matt: Ultimatum is definitely our best song, guys.
Brodie: You’re an idiot. Its obviously Set You Right.
Zach: I’d say it’s Rights Words, but who am I?

The Daily Consciousness: Whats Young Rivers overall message to the world?

Eat your vegetables and do what you want.

The Daily Consciousness: Recommend three artists our readers would enjoy.
Jay Smith, Adam Baldwin and Laura Merrimen.  Friends we admire.

The Daily Consciousness: Other than making music does Young River have any other hobbies?
Brodie draws disturbing things (which will end up being the album art in some way). Zach enjoys not watching TV. Matt likes Scotch.

The Daily Consciousness: In your opinion(s) what is the most rewarding aspect of making music?
The process of writing is always rewarding. Creating something from scratch and trying to display it to as many people as possible. It’s challenging but really rewarding, even if its not necessarily successful.

The Daily Consciousness: How long has the band been together?

Pushing 3 years

The Daily Consciousness: To wrap this up is there anything you’d like your fans to know?
Debut album coming very very soon. Check out our website! youngriverband.com Hope to see everyone and their dog out at the Seahorse on February 9th for our show with the Transatlantic Zodiac Ensemble!

Featuring Artists from Coast to Coast & Around The World | Music Promo | Halifax, NS